This teen driver education course is divided into 12 sections. Each section of the course has different lessons and activities to complete. All the lessons and activities are online and available from this website. The lessons and activities of the course meet the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) requirements for Parent Taught Driver Education. This course provides all the driver education required to apply for the Texas learner license and driver license.

About the Lessons

The lessons of the course give the student the knowledge to become a safe driver. The lessons and lesson quizzes are done online.

  • The lessons of the course are 100% online and presented as slideshows (see preview).

  • All the lessons have text-to-speech narration, professional photos, and easy-to-understand diagrams, which make the course more interesting and help make driving easier to learn.

  • With some other courses, the student has to read through literally 1,000 - 1,500 pages worth of text with no audio or videos. Needless to say, reading through that many pages of text can make the most eager student bored and frustrated!

  • There are 3D driving videos in several sections of our course that show how to do common driving tasks like changing lanes, parking, turnabouts, and more. The videos are shown from the driver's perspective, so they give the student a better idea of how the tasks are done.

  • This course is designed to be informative and easy-to-use, so the student stays motivated and enjoys learning.
Student Learning
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About the Activities

The activities of the course give the in-car driving practice the student needs to become a safe driver. The activities are done by the instructor (parent, guardian, or legal custodian) and student together in the vehicle. The student must have a valid Texas learner license (permit) in order to practice driving with a licensed driver over 21 in the front seat. If the student is at least fifteen (15) years of age, he or she is eligible to apply for the Texas learner license after successfully completing the first six (6) hours of this course and obtaining the first certificate. The student can apply for the learner license at your local Texas DPS office.

  • The activities of the course are basically practice sessions where the instructor (parent, legal guardian, etc.) shows the student how to do different driving tasks (startup tasks, going through intersections, etc.), and then the student practices the tasks afterward.

  • There are easy-to-follow instructions at the top of each activity that give the instructor guidelines for what they need to cover during the activity.

  • Each activity is in PDF format, so you can print it out and take it in the car with you.

Driving Student
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